2009, Volume 3, Number 1

Table of Contents

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Research Articles

Legal and Cultural Contexts of Parent-Teacher Interactions: School Councils in Canada. Abstract PDF
Ken Brien, Bonnie L. Stelmach 01-14
Teachers and Parents – Partners with Different Expectations. Abstract PDF
Franc Cankar, Tomi Deutsch, Metoda Kolar 15-28
Teacher - Parent Partnerships: Preservice Teacher Competences and Attitudes during Teacher Training in the Netherlands. Abstract PDF
Eddie Denessen, Joep Bakker, Lenny Kloppenburg, Marleen Kerkhof 29-36
Parental Involvement All the Way Through Local School Boards. Abstract PDF
Margaretha Kristoffersson 37-41
Parents’ Attitudes towards Inclusion of Sexuality Education in Malaysian Schools. Abstract PDF
Pute Rahimah Makol-Abdul, Abu Sadat Nurullah, Syed Sohail Imam, Saodah Abd. Rahman 42-56