2011, Volume 5, Number 2

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Research Articles

Foreword PDF
Stefano Castelli, Loredana Addimando, Michelle Pieri, Alessandro Pepe I-III
Parents’ and Teachers’ Cooperation: Mutual Expectations and Attributions from a Parents’ Point of View. Abstract PDF
Jana Kruger, Ruth Michalek 01-11
Home-School Relationships in Primary Schools Parents’ Perspectives. Abstract PDF
Alexandra Zaoura, Carol Aubrey 12-24
What we tell them is not what they hear: the importance of appropriate and effective communication to sustain parental engagement at transition points. Abstract PDF
John D. Davies, John Ryan, Jane Tarr 25-34
Parent Involvement: Voices of Taiwanese Fathers. Abstract PDF
Hsiu-Zu Ho, Connie N. Tran, Chu-Ting Ko, Jessica M. Phillips, Alma Boutin-Martinez, Carol N. Dixon N. Dixon, Wei-Wen Chen 35-42
Teachers’ First Meeting with Groups of Parents of Elementary Students at the Beginning of the School Year: Parents’ Expectations and Responses to these Expectations. Abstract PDF
Isabelle Bergeron, Rollande Deslandes 43-55
The role of parent-teacher involvement in child adjustment and behaviour in child-care centres. Abstract PDF
Sabine Pirchio, Elena Volpe, Traute Taeschner 56-64
Contact with Immigrant Parents as a Predictor of Teachers’ Attitudes and Acculturation Orientations toward Immigrant Children. Abstract PDF
Dino Giovannini, Loris Vezzali 65-77
Adolescent homework management strategies and perceptions of parental involvement. Abstract PDF
Nathalie Oubrayrie-Roussel, Claire Safont-Mottay 77-84
Parent Involvement – the practice of principals in lower primary schools in Switzerland. Abstract PDF
Martin Straumann, Jan Egger 85-96
“Is it beneficial to stress grades to my child?” – Relationships between parental attitudes towards academic achievement, motivation, academic self-concept and academic achievement in adolescents. Abstract PDF
Francisco Peixoto 97-108
Reading research and the promotion of reading outside the school: A comprehensive review of empirical research. Abstract PDF
Victor H.P. Van Daal, Jenny Miglis Sandvik 109-120
The Remote Networked School (RNS) Model: An ICT Initiative To Keep Small Rural Schools and Their Local Community Alive Abstract PDF
Stephane Allaire, Nadège Bikie, Thérèse Laferrière, Vincent Gagnon, Christine Hamel, Émilie Labonté-Hubert, Rollande Deslandes 121-133
Social Values and Authority in Education: Collaboration between School and Families Abstract PDF
Aurora Bernal, Carmen Urpí, Sonia Rivas, Rosario Repáraz 134-143
Generating places of integration. A network model toward the skills assessment of foreign students. Abstract PDF
Donatella Bramanti, Matteo Moscatelli 144-157
Towards a Stakeholder-Based Map on Parental Participation in Genoese School Life. Abstract PDF
Michela Freddano 158-170