Vol 12, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Education is Power and Parents are Force PDF
Maria Mendel
The Ambiguous Meanings of Parental Engagement in the Reflexive Modernization Era: Parental Educational Initiatives in Poland Abstract PDF
Marta Wiatr
The family-school relationship in primary education. Parents’ perspectives in the age of “the minimal self” Abstract PDF
Paola Dusi
Protesting parents as a significant social and educational phenomenon. Andragogical inspirations Abstract PDF
Przemysław Szczygieł
Parents as students: seeking for the balance Abstract PDF
Eleni Damianidou
Collaborative School-Family Relationships using the Expansive Learning Cycle to Enhance Parents Empowering in Helping their Child in the Context of a New Reading Method Abstract PDF
Rollande Deslandes, Sylvie Barma, France Beaumier
Parenting Role Beliefs: Multiple Perspectives from a Suburban Chinese Classroom Abstract PDF
Hsiu-Zu Ho, Rong Yang, Yeana W. Lam, Yin Yu, Hui-Ju Pai, Sookyung Yeon
Inclusion and Communities of Practice: the reification of the role(s)/identities of teachers and parents of students with learning disabilities Abstract PDF
Dimitra Eleftheriadou, Anastasia Vlachou
The Influence of Taiwanese Parenting Style on Adolescent Mental Health and Academic Performance Abstract PDF
Yin Yu, Hsiu-Zu Ho
Cooperation Between Teachers and Parents of Foreign Students Abstract PDF
Maria Trzcińska-Król